Centred Soul is a not-for-profit organisation & social enterprise, founded by Rosemary Deans.

Previously a Social Worker, working with children & families, adults with mental health issues & learning needs, she is now a full time member of Centred Soul!

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What Centred Soul are all about
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Centred Soul is an organisation determined to raise the roof when it comes to emotional wellbeing, mental health & self care, with a particular passion for supporting those who have experienced a Birth Trauma and/or Perinatal (antenatal/postnatal) mental health illness.

We talk out loud, about the great big elephant in the room!

We want you to know, that you are not alone...

We talk out loud, about the great big elephant in the room! We want you to know, that you are not alone...

Our Perinatal Umbrella resource

The Umbrella is our symbol of support, as it never rains but it pours when it comes to Mental Health & Centred Soul has become a hive of activity & source of support, a place to find someone who will provide a bit of shelter until the sun appears again!

We are PASSIONATE about offering honest, realistic advice & peer support We do this from our HUB in Newry!

As a social enterprise we are in the business of helping our community & we do this in many ways!

We have a retail space at Centred Soul HQ, selling products that promote positivity & self care. Anything from funky T-Shirts for a new mum to incense, for calming the mind. Most of our products are created by local makers & they are different! #supportlocal

Every purchase made, means another community service can be provided!

The Perintatal Umbrellla

The Perintatal Umbrellla

Birth Trauma

Birth Trauma

Perintatal Anxiety

Perintatal Anxiety

Perintatal Depression

Perintatal Depression

Perintatal OCD

Perintatal OCD



So what else do we offer?


We have a counselling service available to those who have been affected by Birth Trauma and/or Perinatal Mental.

Health issues, Pregnancy & Infant Loss.

Please make direct contact with us for more information

Monthly Support Meetups

Moaning Mummies Meetups for new parents to have a hot cup of tea, let off a bit of steam, let the kids run riot, in a chilled out, non judgemental environment.

BTAPS (Birth Trauma and Perinatal Support) Meetups

PAILS (Pregnancy & Infant Loss) Meetups

A safe space for those affected by these issues to come together, chat, listen. support, with plenty of caffeine and laughs!

Antenatal Education & Support

Mind Your Mammas - an antenatal course with a twist!

Parent & Child Workshops / Courses

  • 'Centred Babies' Massage (newborn to crawling) :A series of gentle massage movements taught to help with baby bonding, peri-natal depression, as well as physical pain of colic, reflux, wind and teething.
  • 'Centred Yogis' (Baby Yoga for 8 weeks to crawling): Gentle stretches designed to get your baby moving, into crawling positions, finding their feet and all of this with sensory activity too!
  • 'Centred Tots' (follow on from Baby Yoga, up to walking stage) : perfect for the wriggly babies with massage and yoga stretches adapted to suit their stage of development and sensory play included too!
  • 'Centred Kids' Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness (3-12 yrs) :A mash up of yoga poses, guided meditation, breathing techniques & mindfulness suited to each age group. (Rainbow Kids Yoga Accredited)

Complimentary Therapies

We all know that 'me time' is needed, yet most of us don't schedule the time for it! Other things become more important. We make it our mission to encourage YOU to take time, for self care. Complementary therapies improve our mood, reduce stress, help us balance and 'centre' ourselves. Let yourself rest...

  • Reflexology (General, Fertility, Pregnancy, Cancer)
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Body Massage
  • Reiki
  • Hopi Ear Candling
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Pressure Point Facial Massage